Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The ABCs of Christmas Tree Shopping

Some people rush to get their Christmas tree the day they come off the trucks, while others see no urgency and wait until days before Christmas in hopes the perfect tree is still waiting for them. Getting a group/family consensus is what makes the experience the most fun. “How about this one?” are words you hear down the pathways of trees. Sometimes people circle back to the first tree they saw, while other times it takes dozens of inspections as people stand the trees up and shake them to see how heavy and full they are. The worst is when someone grabs a tree that was on your top contender list, and places a “sold” sign on it. The good news is that there is always another tree, so the quest to find the perfect Christmas tree just continues.

Some helpful hints in buying the perfect Christmas tree…size, fragrance, freshness and symmetry all matter.

  • Size it right: Measure the room and entry ways in your home before you bring a tree home. A good rule of thumb is one foot below the ceiling height. You should also measure the opening in the tree stand you plan to use to make sure the trunk of your chosen tree will fit.
  • Healthy tree all the way to Christmas: “It’s bad weather out, so let’s get the tree next weekend instead.” A week delay may leave you with fewer options and fewer trees that meet your criteria. Early buyers have a better chance of finding the perfect tree, and have more choices. Always make sure to have a clean cut done as it will last longer in your home and can better absorb water. December 8/9 is a recommended time to purchase your tree and December 15/16 is a good time to bring it inside to decorate.
  • Weight is good and tree branch spacing tight: This means the tree is healthy and full of water, and will drop fewer needles.
  • Fresh Cut: Find out when the trees were cut. The closer to Christmas the better, but some tree sale spots cut their trees as early as October so by December needles are all piling up.
  • Tree branch strength is solid: Nobody wants a droopy tree and one that loses ornaments because the branches can’t hold the weight of your ornaments. If you have heavy ornaments and ones you want securely hanging from the tree, make sure the tree branches are thick and strong.
  • Pet unfriendly: To discourage your pet from using your Christmas tree as a bathroom stop, select a tree with sharp needles. If they get too close and get pricked, they won’t want to do it again.
  • Full of water: Bend the needles and see how fresh they are.You need to make sure you routinely check the stand and keep the tree hydrated, and never let the water go below the bottom of the trunk.  Another trick is to spray the branches with water so give it more moisture. Some trees require several quarts of water each day, so make sure you check the water level every three hours.
  • Evergreen scent: Trees which sweat expel the strongest scents, so if you are looking to fill your home with that great Christmas tree aroma, select the trees which naturally have the best scent. As an example, the Balsam fir tree exists in a cold climate which makes it sweat more and deliver a great scent.
  • Straight and in balance: If the tree has a crooked trunk it will be tougher to get it securely positioned in a stand. Hold the tree up and examine it from the trunk to the top so see if it is well aligned. Nobody wants a tree that topples over when you are not home. If you have to tie it down, once it is in the house for fear it will topple, you have definitely bought a crooked nightmare of a tree. Also, make sure the tree trunk is at least six inches long so it fits securely in the stand.
  • Tree type: Balsam and Fraser trees are the most popular based on overall quality and shape, with Balsam known for their fragrance and Fraser known for their strong branches and minimal needle drop.
Marini Farms has a solution to simplifying the tree set up process. The Stand Strait Christmas Tree Stand--also known as The Marriage Saver--is available for sale with free tree drilling for owners of the stand. Considered the best Christmas tree stand available, it enables your tree to stand tall, straight and stable to prevent it from toppling over, and requires only one drill hole in the base of your tree. All you need to do is line up the drilled hole on the stand pin and it is as stable as a rock. See Mike’s demonstration video on how easy the Stand Strait System is.

As Marini states, “Our hands-on selection process is the reason the quality of our trees is second to none, and we want our customers to feel like they have found that special perfect tree.” 

From all of us at Marini Farm, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and hope you find the perfect tree.

Written by Lightning Consulting

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