Sunday, August 14, 2016

Conquer Dragon Quest Corn Maze With Flashlights

Grab a flashlight and conquer Dragon Quest, Marini Farm’s 2016 eight acre corn maze, after dark.Ten miles of winding paths and mysteries of the dark will confuse and challenge maze adventurers of all ages. Traveling through the maze at night is a totally different experience, which requires more perseverance and focus to get on track in the right direction. Make it a maze party, family outing or social time with your friends, and don’t forget to bring your high powered flashlights to illuminate your way. Dragon Quest is open for flashlight nights on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM, starting on September 23rd and continuing through October 29th.

The 2016 maze is believed to be our most challenging yet, so let the moonlight and your own light source guide you through the ten miles of towering corn stalks. No scary monsters or haunted distractions will divert your attention as you focus on the navigation clues of escape. For more information call us at 978-238-9fun, or visit our website to order tickets. The fast maze visitors will find the carved out exit in less than an hour, while others will enjoy two hours of fired up fun and excitement. With the possibility of taking nearly 100 wrong turns, you may be spinning in many directions in your pursuit to escape the magnificent fire spewing-dragon. So come get your scare on and enjoy this popular fall excursion through one of the largest and most challenging mazes in the region.

Check our fall calendar for special events happening. We will be having our first ever show on October 8th put on by the American Punkin Chunker, a massive 100 foot pneumatic cannon that shoots pumpkins for long distance competitions. All of it is done solely by mechanical means without the aid of electricity or explosives. Marini Farm sent a pumpkin to the World Championships in 2013 in Delaware and their pumpkin broke the event world record with a 4,430 foot blast, exceeding over 120 of the best teams from around the U.S. and overseas. Over 30,000 onlookers witnessed the world record chunk and a large group of chunkers put their engineering skills to the test.

We look forward to seeing everyone putting their navigation skills to the test this fall. Day or night, don’t forget to visit our bakery for some fall treats like our cider donuts, s’mores bars, pumpkin muffins, or other fall confections.

written by Lightning Consulting