Tuesday, September 29, 2015

World Record American PunkinChunkin Cannon in Action at Marini Farm

Pumpkins will be hurling far and high at supersonic speed on October 3rd for the first ever show of the American Punkin Chunker at Marini Farm. The chunker will do a target shooting demonstration and show at the farm located at 259 Linebrook Road in Ipswich, MA. Marini Farm sent a pumpkin to the World Championships in 2013 in Delaware and their pumpkin broke the event world record with a 4,430 foot blast, exceeding over 120 of the best teams from around the U.S. and overseas. Over 30,000 onlookers witnessed the world record chunk and a large group of chunkers put their engineering skills to the test.

In recognition of the world record success, the farm was added to the schedule of six public shows the chunker will be doing this fall. The chunker is a massive 100 foot pneumatic cannon that shoots pumpkins for long distance. The team that runs the cannons represents many areas of technology and scientific disciplines and a team of 25 contribute their technical expertise to making the American team pumpkin chunker a powerful pumpkin shooter capable of breaking records. All of it is done solely by mechanical means without the aid of electricity or explosives. The team’s original goal was to win the world championships, and going forward they will continue to strive to break world records. 

The World Championship PunkinChunkin Association raises funds for the Basset Hound Rescue and the Wounded Warrior Project. The organization has been hosting events since 1986 and was started by Captain Brian Labrie. This fall, the World Famous Punkin Chunkin long distance shooting event, Extreme Punkin’ Chunkin’, will be held in New Hampshire on October 24/25 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH.  Teams from all across the country will participate in hopes of breaking the world record, and the American Punkin Chunkin team will be there to defend their title. Teams compete in divisions such as air cannon, centrifugal, catapult, human power, trebuchet, theatrical and torsion. The Discovery Channel’s video shows the wide range of competitors at the championship events all lined up to catapult their pumpkins into the record books. 

There is a lot going on at the farm in September and October so add a visit to your fall recreation and take on the challenge of the corn maze, Kernel of Gold…A Pirate’s Adventure, enjoy all the action at the maze park with our giant slide, jumping pillow and inflatables, and visit our new bakery for some fresh cider donuts. It’s not every day you get to watch a pumpkin chunking show, so make sure you visit the farm on October 3rd for some supersonic excitement.

Written by Lightning Consulting