Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kernels of Support

“We stand behind everything we sell and do. However, without a name I cannot help. We grow 120 acres of corn and work very hard to pick fresh seven days a week. We have done this for 50 years and this has not changed.”—Mike Marini

This post was in response to an unsigned comment left at the corn bin early in the season.  Mike’s response above was posted on Facebook along with the photo of the comment, and it received 7,664 views, 91 likes and 145 comments moments after the posting of the photo.

Corn is Marini Farm’s top selling crop for both retail and wholesale sales, so the farm is committed to providing the best and sweetest corn available in the region. Their 200 acres of corn provide over 10 tons of corn and over ten different varieties, including the two newest varieties; Marai and Allure. Marai corn is a new hybrid breed of corn known for its intense sweetness, tender kernels and superb eating quality. Marini incorporates special techniques by growing 20 acres under plastic to make sure they are can offer the first local corn in eastern MA.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture report, there will be an abundance of corn this fall as the nation’s farmers are expected to harvest a record 14.03 billion bushels of corn this year.

Below are some of the special comments posted on our Facebook page in response to the customer comment.

“My family started doing business with the Marini family close to 50 years ago. I consider Mario like a second father. When my father passed away my first summer running our farm, Mario was there to take me under his wing and help me anyway he could. When Michael took over running the farmstand he took an already well-established business and made it into one of the best in the state. They are one of the most hardworking, honest, caring and giving families you'll find in Essex County. I am proud and honored to be in business with them and look forward to another 50 years”. — Robert Marshall

“My family had a farm stand as well. I drive out of my way to get Marini produce. Superior to every other place I have shopped”.—Matt Desmond

“I have been buying produce both wholesale and retail from the Marini’s for thirty years....never once had an issue....this family business is operated with the highest level of integrity possible. If Michael says it's fresh, it is! If this person had a problem then have some courage and go make your complaint face-to- face!”—Marilyn Donati

“Bought your corn yesterday and brought it to a house party. The biggest hit ever! People are crazy”.—Kim Folan

Marini’s is top of the line. This family has given so much to our community. The person who left this message doesn't have the guts to sign their name. Therefore, the message is meaningless. I'm sure the corn looked perfect when they purchased it. Wonder how long it was left in their hot trunk?”—Cheryl Becker

“I just want to add my two cents to this awful note left for Mike. My husband goes to Marini Farm every day for fresh produce to supply our farmstand. He is there when the trucks come in from the fields every morning. We have NEVER had anything but the freshest produce. His corn is by far the best around and picked fresh every day. The Marini Family are the hardest working people and the nicest around.They go above and beyond. Wherever this corn came from, it was not Marini Farm unless they kept it there for a week or more. Thank you Mike Marini and Mario for all that you do.”—Marilyn Sweet, LattofFarm, Rockport

“I live two streets away from another local farm, and I still drive 25 minutes just to get Marini Farm produce because it is THAT fresh and delicious! That one customer may have a gripe but customers like myself who don't even live in Ipswich and everyone else who have posted supportive comments on here love your farm and the awesome selection!” —Melissa Newbury

“I eat Marini's corn just about every night of the week all summer long, and the corn is delicious. I just had my corn tonight, the third night in a row from corn I got on Saturday, and it is still yummy! Marini's has perfected the art of growing corn for the whole entire growing season. They are the only place I get my corn, and I look forward to it every year. It wouldn't be summer without Marini's corn and vegetables.”—Michele Huot Elliot

“We will make it a priority to respond to all comments, questions and posts we receive, as it is your feedback that matters the most.Thank you all for your overwhelming and kind comments on our Facebook page, and your commitment and loyalty to our farm.”—Mike Marini

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